As Far As The Eye Can Travel is a monthly publication of pocket journeys:

geographies of the mind,  topographies of the soul and physical excavations, as far as the eye can- and will- travel.

As Far As The Eye Can Travel is a celebration of the small and near invisible:

an archive of the incongruencies, gestures and poetic collisions that illuminate and transform our reality.

As Far As The Eye Can Travel is an act of commitment to the mystery of presence,  a search for continuity within the cracks and the margins.


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Each zine is a unique and mesmerising surprise pocket journey, a powerful way to travel far while staring into books that fit in the palm of your hand.

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n.1 Coney Island I

n.2 The Kingdom of Nothing

n.3 Justo Botanica

n.4 Topologie d’une Cite Phantome

n.5 Towards The End of a Pilgrimage

n.6 Larry The Birdman

n.7 EXI(s)T

n.8 Napoli 16

n.9 Silenzio

n.10 Thresholds

n.11 Helsinki Noir

n.12 Robert Anton’s Small Wonders NYC

n.13 Coney Island II

n.14 Gods & Monsters

n.15 Faith/ Fate

n.16 The Writing’s On The Wall

n.17 The Orchard

n.18 Night Haunts

n.19 Drawing The Line

n.20 Palermo Dialogues

n.21 Maria and the Stars

n.22 An Urban Wilderness

n.23 Temple & Dust

n.24 The Eyes of Chambers

n.25 Coney Island III